Thursday, April 02, 2009


More Charts for Seaside

As I mentioned earlier Udo Schneider has created a Seaside wrapper for OpenFlash Charts.

The code has now moved from to

and there is an online demo available together with an online demo of SWFObject.

Looks like there will also be a wrapper for jQuery Flot available later today:

Update: here is the link for Flotr

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Reserved keyword conflicts

JavaFX - the latest hype on the language market. But not without trouble.

"insert" and "delete" are new JavaFX keywords - so they conflict
when you will try to call a Java method
with this name. But there is help - this time use double angle brackets. So yet another thing to remember ...

Thats why Smalltalk is so much better - it is simple and consistent without all these "language workarounds". Your brain is free to care about solving the problem - and not busy remember all language possibilities or busy satisfying the compiler.

And I tell you a secret: Smalltalk is not a language - its a dynamic object system with the language built in...

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