Friday, May 30, 2014


String deduplication

Too many Strings in your image? Here is help.


Sending eMail with Mandrill using Pharo

This project from Norbert eases the usage of the Mandrill API. And an example from Esteban to demonstrate how to use it.


Risk based test management with Smalltalk and Seaside

Another new Smalltalk web application built with Seaside in Pharo and deployed with GLASS in Gemstone/S was launched to the world:

Read more about the details.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


A Seaside shopping app

Signos Software Solutions developed an application called "Cloud Shoppie".

You can try it here and read about it here. The backend is developed using the Seaside Smalltalk web framework.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Smalltalk 2048 contest

There is a contest at ESUG sponsored by Cincom to program or enhance the game 2048 using Smalltalk.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014



Essence# is a new dynamic Smalltalk like language for .NET written by Alan L. Lovejoy:


Pharo will not rest

and (after the new Pharo 3.0 release) will  start with the 4.0 development

Monday, May 26, 2014


Beta Test Scratch on the Pi

The Pi version of Scratch (based on Squeak Smalltalk) is available for beta testing. Feel free to help moving it forward.

It is not the only implementation: Phratch (based on Pharo Smaltalk) is basically running on the Pi too.

You may ask what are the differences between Scratch and Phratch: if I understood correctly from the discussion on the lists I think the Squeak version now has a paid maintainer (Tim Rowledge) and follows the original Scratch for kids. Phratch from Jannik Laval is more oriented towards a "Scratch for grown ups" and tries to profit from the cleaned up Pharo system and infrastructure.


Refactoring in Pharo project

is initially described here.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Seaside 3.1.1 Release

Seaside 3.1.1. is released

Friday, May 23, 2014


TM1 binding for Pharo

Looks like Markus Fritsche is writing a wrapper in Pharo Smalltalk with NativeBoost to use the TM1 C API. The code is available on github. Cognos is a Business Analytics Solution from IBM.


Accessing Twitter from Pharo Smalltalk

opens many new possibilities for information retrieval, processing or visualizations.

Here is a tutorial how you can try it out yourself.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Preview on SmartBrowser

for upcoming visualizations.


IWST14 - International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies

in August during ESUG. Read more.


Phratch controlling Ev3 screen

Phratch - the port of Scratch to Pharo is able to control an LEGO Ev3 screen.
Video is on Vimeo - you can also read about it here.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Pillar book skeleton

Pillar is a markup syntax and associated tools to write and generate documentation and books. Essentially it is the Wiki syntax part known from Pier which allows for generation of PDF, Latex, HTML, ...

There is now also a Pillar Book Skeleton providing a predefined structure for source files, as well as usefull scripts to write books with Pillar markup. It is already used for the upcoming "Pharo for the Enterprise" and an updated version of "Pharo by Example" book.

Nice if you like to write books or documentation. The project also includes mods/bundles/packages for text editors, that provide improvements for pillar files editing.


TDD in Pharo

An example of test driven development (TDD) in Pharo:


Process Mining and Visualization with MOOSE&ROASSAL

Serge is playing with processes from event logs and visualization of resulting Petri nets with Roassal and Moose.


Ludus progresses

Ludus is an HTML5 game framework for Amber Smalltalk. Bernat continues to work on it.

 You can also try out a new fully functional game example.


Spectrograph in Roassal

as the name says.


Heise on Pharo 3 release

Heise (a german IT publisher and news source) is also reporting about the Pharo 3 release.


Darktheme for Pharo 3

I already reported about the dark theme for Pharo 3. Here is an info how to load it. There is also a video on it available:


How to use fading colors in GraphET

ObjectProfile posts some tricks on using Roassal visualizations on their Facebook page. One trick is how to to fade colors in GraphET.

Thursday, May 01, 2014


A dark theme for Pharo 3

As the name says:


Install Roassal2 into Pharo 3

This video shows how to install TrueType Fonts and the visualisation engine Roassal2 in Pharo3.


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